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Elm Oyster Mushroom Kit

Elm Oyster Kit

Oyster mushrooms are a wonderful fast and easy mushroom to grow. They grow primarily on cellulose waste products. This can be wood, sawdust, straw or even cottonseed hulls. Our kits are made of cottonseed hulls.  We prefer cottonseed hulls, since the hulls shape well to the size of our containers and provide an excellent rich growing material for the oyster mushrooms to feed on. Our mushroom kits are easy to grow. We offer several different oyster mushroom varieties for sale. That is because each variety is unique enough and different enough that it seems as though you are growing a different variety of mushroom with each one. It is common for even the same oyster mushroom variety to appear different from one fruiting to the next. Sometimes the color of the mushroom cap changes depending on how much light is available at the time of fruiting. High Carbon Dioxides levels will even change the shape of the mushrooms grown. Oyster mushrooms are one of the few mushroom kits that are required to be started in a timely fashion or the mushroom will find its way out of the box on it’s own without your help and fruit. This can be quit a surprise when you see several large Oyster mushrooms growing off the side a closed mushroom kit.

Product Specifications

Contains: A bag of Inoculated cottonseed hulls.  All you add is water.  It is ready to start.

Best Temperature for Growing: 65 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit

Kit Instructions: See Oyster Mushroom Kit Instructions.

Mushroom Kit Dimensions: Length 12",Width 10",Height 8".

Shipping Weight: 12lbs.

Double Boxing AvailableDouble Boxing Available! Nondescript packaging: Add $3.00 per kit.  Choose "Plus Double Box" in the drop-down option below. Your order will be placed in a second plain brown box so the recipient will not know what is being delivered. This feature can also help mushroom kits survive shipping during harsh, cold weather.

Choose "Plus Double Box" in the drop-down option below to add Double Boxing.

Seasonal Product

Available from September 1 through May 12

Our products grow best in cooler months. It's too hot to ship and grow kits during the summer


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